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I don't really understand what is the situation here :S

You mean that the CPU rises its use when you wanna reboot? That's easy to explain: a bad app that cannot close and therefore the Xorg is using a lot of CPU polling the app. Or even easier: a bug in Xorg!

Anyway, being on X requieres the use of CPU, that is for sure ;) It might mean the difference between the fans working or not ;)

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I am inclined to accept your answer as a valid response to my question, as you are describing exactly the case. One point in question: When I restart, in the past, there would show a program still running and request a force restart, but that ceased during a recent download of available updates, as I do not receive that message any longer, but when xorg starts, the resource meter will stay at 99% and then after a few minutes, decrease to roughly 65% and fluctuate back to 99%, that is when I end the process and it automatically restarts and upon reboot, the resource meter shows a respectable 4% reading. I thought by presenting this scenario, you might know of a similar case for reference. This action does not seriously impact my performance or slow program functions, just raises a red flag for an explanation, which you have professionally provided, John..:)

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The time frame you are explaining is very abnormal. I agree with Marc, it sounds like the xorg process is hung up on another process or file.

Now to track it I have an advanced command for you to copy the output of into pastebin so we can see what files xorg is using during the abnormal process.

The entire command is:

lsof|grep -i xorg|tr -s " "|cut -d " " -f 9|grep "/"|uniq

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Not to sure what you mean by ' pastebin ' Is that my terminal? I ran it in my terminal and no additional commands were available. This might be due to the xorg being listed as a sleep. I will have to restart to inact the scenario.:unsure: lsof|grep -i xorg|tr -s " "|cut -d " " -f 9|grep "/"|uniq

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I used tinypic as a img file capture to show you the image:

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More examples: This is what is displayed when xorg is running:

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