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Airlink 101 USB Wireless on Ubuntu 9.10

Link to this post 30 Jan 10

Howdy All,

So I recently obtained a USB wifi card, an Airlink 101 USB device. When I attach it to my Ubuntu system it is recognized by the network manager and it can see my wifi network - however it is unable to connect. When I enter the passcode for my wifi it spins trying to connect and then spits it back to me telling me I need to reenter the password after a few moments - I am 100% sure the password is correct. I tried the device on two different Ubuntu systems (one 32bit and one 64bit) and achieved the same results on each.

I can confirm the wifi itself works as I am typing from my laptop connected to it as we speak...


Link to this post 30 Jan 10

I am unsure wether the problem is a result of the driver the system is using or Ubuntu, so I cannot assist in resolution. But I am going to move this to the Ubuntu section and leave a ghost (link) in the networking section so uesers in both sections can see the post and hopefully assist.

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