another sound question

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The sound problems and some video problems are being reporting in quantities right now, so I guessed that you are running 9.10

Unfortunately this is the first time that I am thinking negatively of a distro release, but at this point I would consider Ubuntu 9.10 the vista of ubuntu's life, the bugs should have been expected since they decided to force so many changes in a single release. But as people did with vista, roll back to the last stable version until the bugs are worked out.

I am quite surprised that the only problem I have had with Ubuntu 9.10 is that it keeps trying to force me to install grub2.

I am quite interested in your course from this point, please keep me posted as I have enjoyed trying to help with this irregular issue.

Link to this post 26 Nov 09

Open up a terminal app (Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal)

use the following command: lsb_release -a
that should do it. Ignore the first line, but the
rest should be the version and name of the distro.

Happy Thanksgiving, Eric

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Hi Nanouk,

below is what I got when I ran the script you gave me.

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: LinuxMint
Description: Linux Mint 7 Gloria - x64 Edition
Release: 7
Codename: Gloria

I wanted to try the x64 version of this release because my pc is set up for it.
AMD Turion64 processor.

Maybe you can recommend a good version to try.
There seem to be so many and i don't know what many of them are geared towards.
I am more of a pc user and not interested in programming.


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