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Link to this post 14 Jun 11

My projector is plugged into a S Video port, my monitor is plugged into my HDMI Port through a VGA to HDMI Connector, there both connected to the same video card at the same time. Trust me when I say, that isn't the issue. I realize it may sound like it, because what you might be thinking, is it switched to my projector or something since I was able to navigate and see my desktop.

No, this wasn't the case, my monitor is and was the default screen, however I set my screens to "duplicate" so I was able to navigate enough to remove the driver once I figured out what has happened this last time instead of re-installing the entire operating system. My projector can be screwey and duplicate is just easier when I do happen to use the projector to watch movies.

I really should have said all this to begin with, sorry for excluding it from my original post.

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