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Clonezilla Boot SO image via Ethernet

Link to this post 27 Dec 12

hello guys, happy xmas
sorry about my english

Does anyone here understand a bit about clonezilla just to clarify something please?

so is installed DRBL with clonezilla on ubuntu server, set everything up until there.
the server will listen the MAC address ,detects two pc's trying to boot from the network (Ubuntu Desktop, Windows XP)

the scene is that nothing happens in ubuntu, and XP it detects Clonezilla, but do not know how to create the image on the server and boot from it, didnt need to save the image on the local client, wanted to have 2 images on the server, one for each.

but the client tries, but can not even write or restore the image once it has nothing to restore.

Well here is some images to understand better along with the cfg's,

Thanks in advance.

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