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Considering a netbook, then installing ubuntu.

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So, end of july I will have a spare 500 dollars, as a college student I am needing a netbook or laptop for class so I can take legible notes in a timely manner (due to my fast typing speed). Anyway, so I am considering a netbook, possibly laptop.

Considering also, purchasing the netbook, then installing ubuntu.

Here is what I'm thinking, a netbook with 1.5 ghz dual core Intel Atom 550 processor, with 1 or 2 GB of DDR 3 RAM, and atleast 250 GB of hard drive space (5400 RPM most likely) Built in webcam/mic, wifi, etc.. (External USB 2/3 DVD/RW) This system, I can get from ASUS(good brand) for only about $287 USD brand new.

So here are my thoughts, a system like this is nice for browsing the internet, which is its main purpose, however if I install Ubuntu and get rid of windows, this system could be, for the most part, a fully functional, pretty fast(or a lot faster then with windows) and a damn good deal for what I would pay for a full blown laptop(which I dont really need).

My main concern, is I am wondering if I would run into chip set issues on the linux operating system, on a netbook that came with windows origonally. If I can get past this one hurdle, I am golden.

Would appreciate everyones thoughts on this plan.

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The biggest things to look for on a new machine would be the wireless chipset and video card.
For wireless cards I prefer intel and atheros chipsets on laptops, realtek and broadcom can still be a pain.
As for the video card Nvidia and Intel cards work awesome, ATI support can be troublesome.

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Cool i'll watch out for it, although I've had the opposite issues until recently with ATI RADEON, its been the least troublesome and nvidia has been the one with issues. Ofcourse that was with windows, which is a issue on its own, lol.

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As Matthew already told you stay away from realtek wireless cards, I've a laptop with it, it works but it's so damn slow, no troubles with the wired eth card. Atheros wifi cards are more hacker friendly and well supported, expecially if you need to use your computer with penetration testing software or security related distros (Backtrack for example).
I've never had so much troubles with Video Cards, ATI/Intel/NVidia works fine, but if you can afford/purchase an NVidia card you'll probably have a broader support, open source and closed source drivers are excellent. I'm not an integralist and I use NVidia closed source drivers, they're stable, good and really fast.
No troubles with ACPI or other peripherals if you're using a common laptop/netbook, stay away from nobrand/noname chinese laptops or evaluate them carefully. Even pay attention to Sony VAIO products, if you want to use every device (fingerprint reader, ACPI, sd card, ...) try to find information on the web before purchasing, they usually don't provide support for "other OSes"

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cool thanks for the additional info, as far as brands going to stick with HP Dell or ASUS.

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never had a problem with them, go with them !

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