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Converting html to images and music

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I just recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my new laptop. I am having a problem converting a CD which I have made with Album Shaper from previous distribution, which is in html, back into images. Is there any application that can do that? Or even, instructions as to how it is done? (Not that it's important. .. I just think that if you can convert images into html text, there should be a way to reverse the process.) Same holds true for music... converting html to audio . [/b]
Thanks for any help in advance.
(Other than that the new distribution is great, once you get used to Unity.)

Estelle Angelinas

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Not being familiar with Album Shaper aside from a two minute stroll through the site I can't be fully sure I understand the issue.

However it looks like Album Shaper doesn't convert images into html ( I'm not sure how that would work anyway ) but puts them in some sort of album that you can view off the CD.

If I'm correct in those assumptions then the image files will still be on the CD somwhere, have you tried mounting it and browsing around through the directories? You'll most likely be able to find them in a directory inside.

Hope that helps.

If I'm totally off-base let me know and I'll do what I can to give a better suggestion.


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Thanks for replying. I opened it with Firefox, but when I try to open the link with the photo collections, I get a message saying that Firefox can't locate the file. Nothing on their website, either. This is all with the CD mounted. I'm not an expert on this, but Album Shaper is supposed to be user friendly.

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That app that you used just created an html gallery to browse the images, it didn't convert anything ;)

The images must be inside the cd, browse it and I'm sure you'll find them.


PS: find /path/to/cd -name *.jgp

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Hello again,

Thanks, it worked ! I got to subfile/ thumbnails/collection ... it opened and there were the photos. Thanks again for all your help. (At 58, I'm still learning:) !! Never too old!

Thanks to Linux, I had my old desktop for 13 years, juar got rid of it today.


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Glad you found your pictures :)

Enjoy your learning with linux!

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