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Gnome Shell in Linux Mint 11 "Katya"

Link to this post 24 Jun 11

Just thought I'd share what i have been messing around with... Linux Mint was working on putting the gnome shell into Mint 11, yet delayed in doing so, it is said, until Mint 12... I hope that they always give the fall back to classic gnome (gnome panel), yet give by default a Gnome Shell (gnome 3) session...

Anyhow, here is a screen shot of Katya 11 Running the Gnome Shell, provided by the use of the UGR (Ubuntu Gnome Remix script which can be downloaded and ran very easily in most 11.4 "buntu-ish" distros as well as official Natty Ubuntu... It will give you the Gnome Shell as well as a fall back classic Gnome session available at login...

Link to this post 24 Jun 11

Oh great, I've been wanting to install Gnome shell/gnome3 on my 11.04 system. How well is your system working the Gnome Shell?

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