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How to connect my Ubuntu to internet??

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Hello everybody!!
I have installed today Ubuntu 8.04.1 as guided by the moderator M Fillpot.
Now i need to connect to internet via a DSL connection.
Please help me by giving me a step by step description as i am newbie totally.

Thanking you.:)

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People should learn to use google. I know, people maybe can't to use google but it's faster than write here at forum. If you can't to find what you need then can ask it us. We are friendly to people and always we help to people but don't ask simple questions.

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I know you have probably used the guide that arochester used, but here is some information anyway. Most DSL internet connections are run through a modem/router that you keep at your house/business, any computer that connects to that router in then connected to your local area network and does not need additional software to connect to the internet.

Once your system is connected to the router via wired or wireless connection you only need to go into the gnome-network-manager to choose which connection you want to use and the option for the network device if necessary.

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thanx everybody.
now i am connected to internet.:)
but now the problem facing is it is not showing any icon or such thing to indicate that connection is on.
even the icon at the panel is showing > No connection.
this time i did not found any satisfactory result by googeling.:(

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What i mean to say is windows provides the facility to monitor the network status by allowing us too see the duration, speed and the most important thing - bytes sent and received.
Is there any such thing in ubuntu??

Link to this post 22 Nov 09

Of course, go to System - Administration - System monitor - Resources and there is Network history and actual receiving and sending.

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