How to uninstall ubuntu??

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Hello all..
I have windows XP installed on my pc.
Then I was installing the "ultimate edition of ubuntu", but it was taking too long so i quit the installation without completing it.
Now I want to uninstall ubuntu without affecting windows XP.
What to do?
Please help me.

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Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall or change a program and then in the list you find ubuntu and uninstall it. :)

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Were you doing the installing from within windows or were you installing it on a new partition?

If you think the ubuntu installation took too long, then try very hard to avoid reinstalling windows, the install time is quite long.

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i have installed windows from a new partition, not from windows.

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Actually I was referring to the ubuntu installtion, there is an option to install it wihtin windows which is called the "Wubi Installer". Did you install Ubuntu on a new partition or within windows using the wubi installer?

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i have installed ubuntu on seperate partition, not within windows.

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