How to uninstall ubuntu??

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thanx a lot bro.
now i m going to remove the ubuntu completely and then i will install opensuse.
thanx again and now i must move to the group of opensuse.:cheer:

Link to this post 21 Nov 09

Good luck moving to OpenSUSE, some of the functionality to me seems too much like windows which is why I only use it to help opensuse users, but I wish you the best of luck with that distro.

Can you please tell me what in ubuntu turned you away from that distro?

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Did you resolve your "still seeing 2 OS" upon boot up issue?

If not, it could simply be the boot.ini listing in Windows that can be taken care of through
the Windows Systems property --> Startup and Recovery tab.
Use the EDIT button to manually edit the Windows startup options.

Give Ubuntu a try in the future, GR, its really not a bad distro. IMHO.

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