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i need help about command copy file.

Link to this post 28 May 09

To change directory, you would need the cd command (e.g. to change to a directory called "directory", type

cd directory
). To move up one directory, type
cd ..
(that's two dots).

You might find a graphical file browser easier to use; try typing

at the command prompt to get one. (Then click on the little picture of a house in the toolbar to get to your home directory).

Link to this post 28 May 09

ok. now i know command to change directory.
it's make me understand when i want to manage file .
that first time it can't copy file because it's wrong directory.
and i don't know correct way now i understand in command.
and i try to learning for command it 's important for use Linux.
thank you. everybody if i have problem i back again.:lol:

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