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Installation issue with Ubuntu

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The message appears to be a fault in the kernel when it is communicating with your hardware, the kernels of the full installation is slightly different from the wubi installer. So, at this point I would say that wubi will not work for you until a new release.

I recommend instead installing ubuntu into a virtualization application like vmware or virtualbox so it can run within windows, acting like a physical installation.

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Thanks for the great info Karma! How would I go about installing with a ISO cd? Would I have to partition my hard drive?

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If I wipe windows 7 from my computer and install with a ISO cd, you think that could do the trick or is it just hardware issues?

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I think the issues are from having to pass the ubuntu installation through the windows filesystem, a physical or virtual installation should ideally resolve the issue.

You do not have to wipe windows completely from the system.

To setup dual boot you:
1. use the window disk manager to shrink the window partition, which will leave unallocated space
2. run check disk on windows twice after that to fix any errors caused by the shrink
3. boot to the ISO CD
4. Follow the installation procedures, which should also give an option to set the bootloader to auto-detect windows.

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I frequently meet the issue like this one on Asus motherboards.

saqman2060 wrote:

Are you using the GRUB bootloader or windows 7 bootloader to boot your system?

Wubi makes image of Grub and put it on C:\ drive, next add this image to Windows bootloader list, but when you choose Linux from list of Windows bootloader, then runs Grub and you can run Ubuntu.

Goineasy9 wrote:

I'm not familiar with wubi, so, I'll wait till someone more experienced can explain what is going on.

Wubi makes file is a pseudo-partition for Linux, but Linux works on native filesystem like ext4.

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