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new ubuntu user seeking help with adobe flash

Link to this post 12 Nov 09

allright, tried to install adobe flash onto mozilla, used the .deb version. the software installer is now telling me that the package for it needs to be reinstalled but it cant find an archive for it. any advice on this one?

Link to this post 12 Nov 09

why didn't you just pull the flash package from a repo?

Link to this post 12 Nov 09

like i said, new ubuntu user. really new. so i have no clue what a repo is. thank you for the link btw.

EDIT: tried the download off that link you gave me, its saying the file may be corrupted or i am not allowed to open the file

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Since you are truly new, then I can introduce you to the easiest thing in Linux distros. At the bottom of your Application menu there will be an item called Software Center or Add/Remove Programs, with this tool you can lookup and choose apps to install, that system will download them from the internet, install them and configure them for you. With most recent Linux distros a similar tool will be available, there is no need to search the internet for software anymore. You will be able to find the flash app there.

Please feel free to respond with further questions.

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I must say, after installing Ubuntu myself, if you follow mfillpot's instructions above, and enter flash into the search field in the upper right hand corner and hit enter, Adobe flash plugin is visible. Looks like easiest install of flash from any distro I've seen.
If you click on adobe flash plugin, then on the arrow on the right side of the field, flash is installed automagically.

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When I do a clean install, I go to google and put ubuntu jre6and plugin command.
Go into the site Kabatology.
There will be an install missing plugin at the top of the page. Click on it and choose adobe falsh. It will install it. Wait until it is done.
I open the terminal and install jre by highlighting the command line and pasting it into the terminal.
This is for playing online games.

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