No Common CDrom drive

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hi! i just want to ask, how can i install an ubuntu 10.4LTS Server using USB.. because i start booting to usb and boot then after that they have an error No Common CD-Rom Drive.. and i try to locate i didnt know where i can find the driver.. i hope anyone can help me..i also try ubuntu 10.10 server.. Motherboard is Asus P7H55-M LX.. THANK YOU...

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Are you sure you got an image that can boot from USB?


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I maybe that your image was not burned correctly, or you are not specifying the boot from a removable drive. If you can not set it up from the boot options menu, try setting the boot priority in your systems bios.

You .iso image could be damaged as well. Re-download the image file and follow these instructions to create a .iso usb boot drive.

For Windows:

For ubuntu:

For linux in general:

Hope this helps.

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It sounds like the bios detected the drive which led to booting the liveCD, but the lvieCD does not have drivers for the cd-rom device which lead it to fail loading the files from the disk when it attempted to mount them for interaction.

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hi! Thank you For reply.... actually before i boot on usb i use unetbootin for Ubuntu 10.4 LTS Server then after that i use the usb to boot the PC then after that i follow the instruction and appear the error No Common cdrom drive Detect.. thats why i cannot install the Ubuntu 10.4 LTS server.. my other spec. processor is i5 then the memory is 2GB. i also try to download on torrent and website Ubuntu same error..theres any way i can follow to install this Ubuntu Server... thank you

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mfillpot maybe right that ubuntu does not have a driver for the cd-rom. What system are you installing it onm HP, ASUS?

This maybe silly, but make sure that your cd-rom did not malfunction. Unplug it and re-connect it. Then verify that your bios can see it.

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