nvidia drivers help?

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So I have a nvidia gforce gt240 graphics card. I downloaded the driver from the nvidia site and when I try to open it it gives me this message

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The file is an executable file, it is not meant to be opened in gedit. That file should be run in the terminal by navigating to the directory and typing "sudo ./"

Or the simplest method is to install the ubuntu package of the proprietary drivers from the ubuntu "Hardware Drivers" tool.

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when I go to hardware drivers it looks like this

what am I supposed to do? sorry I'm a total noob at ubuntu and command line stuff

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Per some thread I have seen about the same issue, the reported message in most cases is reading falsely because of a known bug. In the cases reported on the drivers were activated and in use. Is there any lack of functionality that is leading you to question if the driver is being used?

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Right now I only have a couple resolutions and it lags when I play videos and stuff. I some how activated it one time and it worked much better and I had much more options such as higher resolutions, rotating the screen, etc. but then when I turned it off and back on the next day the display didn't work so I had to reset it. I was just wondering what you wanted me to do with the 'ubuntu package of the proprietary drivers' or whatever.

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Try to run this command using command line

$ lsmod | grep nvidia

if it comes empty try to deactivate / activate the drivers from the GUI you showed here and restart the computer

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