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overheating problem in in dell n5010 (p6100)

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hallo i have a 11.04 classic gnome (no effects)
ubuntu installation with the kernel

and by the first second i am in the desktop
the readings of the panel hardware temperature indicators are:
cpu 70-72
gpu 80-82
hard disk 56

with vlc open or banshee it easily goes at 80+ (the acpi says 88 is critical :S)

i have tried ubuntu, kubuntu, mint and the problem remains...
i really want to have ubuntu there's no better os for me,
but this overheating problem drives me crazy!!
i tried the espm patch by phoronix and it didn't work...
can you help me??
thank you...

maybe try 64-bit??
should i go back to 10.04???
i would but i hesitate because if i remember well, the ubuntu one client was buggy and i doubt it will recognize my wireless...

Link to this post 27 Oct 11

I run "jupiter" on my EEEpc and Dell XPS 13. It has cooled down the running temperatures and extended battery life. Right now I have it running with Fedora 15 KDE, but, I'd imagine it would work with any modern Linux distro. Give it a shot and see how it works for you.

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