Password in a file..??

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mfillpot wrote:

lucky you, someone just posted on commandlinefu about the vim password protection. just use vim -x {filename}

the post is on


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ok done.

i installed vim :

sudo apt-get install vim

then after that:

vim -x test

enter encryption keys:

yehey!!! problem solve.....

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I am glad to see that it works for you.

Rather than encrypting single files I store all of my sensitive files in a single encrypted false-partition so that all files are centrally located and accessible with a single password.

I would suggest looking into it if you need to protect multiple files.

Link to this post 14 May 09

My reason:

i am doing it because im gonna bind my different files using windows "Google file binding binary mode" , then transfer the file in my ubuntu box then edit it and put a password. if anyone will look my file they will say it is only a regular large file but they do not know that some files are bonded. ^__^

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