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Question regarding Ubuntu Stability

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Ok so a friend of mine installed ubuntu server 10.10 32 bit on a older test system, he claimed his password wasn't working so I was convinced it was user error and he had a typo in his password. But just yesterday I installed ubuntu server 10.10 plus ubuntu desktop in that order on my fiance's computer and every time we have to use the syn something package program to install new stuff, our password doesn't work. Any time I install something using software center however, the password works fine.

Now I know it's possible that I had a typo in one of the passwords on my fiance's system, but I used the same password for the encryption and everything else to make it easy on her. I don't think I have a typo.

Is this a common issue with ubuntu? Am I missing something? What do you guys think?

Link to this post 05 Mar 11

Not sure about the ubuntu server installation process, but could it be that in the first case the root password is required and second the user password for sudo ?

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I agree with Pavol, the issue appears to be the that one app is using sudo (using the user's password) and another is asking for the root user's password.

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but I used one long tough password for everything on this linux box. I can't even start firestarter or my package manager.

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I can log in as root in the terminal box, I was able to install firestarter to begin with, but I can't use it , what's going on.

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Ok cool you guys were right, I set a root password with sudo passwd root and it fixed the issue. Thanks guys!

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