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Things to do after installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic!

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Things to do after installing Ubuntu? I think don't need install some additional programs. On laptop I'm using ubuntu and I just installed VLC media player and MonoDevelop. VLC media player is best media player under Linux platform for me and MonoDevelop I installed because I need it for programming .net apps under Linux platform. :)

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altNull wrote:

Good Post. You forgot the number 1 thing you can do in a Linux distro - Figure out some way to epicly break Linux, then post about it on the forums. I ounce, after downloading about 600+ packages to fix an audio problem, found my self on a different desktop from Gnome. It wasn't KDE or Xfce. I showed it to a Linux guru I know. His response was "What the..." Best laugh of my life.

ROTFLMAO! It's 0230 AM here on Thanksgiving morning, I just about blew my coffee out my nose reading this one. Thanks for the chuckle, alt. It was needed!

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