Ubuntu 9.04 Released today

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And now, there's the Ubuntu Open Week:

See ya!

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In, my opinion, best release yet. I was disappointed by the lack of improvements in 8.10. But, jaunty really seems like a marked improvement.

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I have only updated my netbook to jaunty. The desktop at work runs debian and at home i just havent had the time. On the netbook it was an improvement except for the video drivers.

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I'm running my Desktop, my Notebook and two Workstations on Jaunty. I like it's short boot times and some ACPI improvements that 2.6.28 brings (mostly on the Notebook).

I like Jaunty just as I did like Intrepid. After Hardy had been a disappointment to me (on the desktop) concerning the stability, I found Intrepid to be a necessary stabilizing release.

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Great Distro!!

And is great to be allowed to post without registration

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I've been running it on my laptop and desktop for a while now. A few things I really like:

-The Ayatana project's use of the new notification system. It's clean, simple, and functional. Hopefully it'll be themeable soon enough.

-Improved driver support. It's easier than ever to ensure that components work.

-The new themes are great, a huge step forward.

-Seems more responsive than the previous release.

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