ubuntu saves the day

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i have ubuntu,vista dual boot (use ubuntu most), and have taken/moved files many times between the two.

a friend who's pc was showing No OS found at start-up and would not repair from the windows disk.

he had all his sons work,music,photos and much more he had never backed up.
so i installed ubuntu on his pc and went on a search finding all his files on the hard drive that he thought where lost.

i have joined this forum to say Thank You
PS he now has ubuntu dual boot and loves the new found speed of his pc lol

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Success stories are always appreciated. I think at one time or another we've all used live Linux CD's to save data from a dying Windows machine. What's really nice was that you installed it onto his computer, and, he now has a safe alternative to Windows running. \o/ yah \o/

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Wow, same thing happened to me this week. My roomate has a Dell Latitude D610 and his XP has just got OVERRUN by viruses... So he was freaking out about loosing all his files and photos UNTIL UBUNTU SAVED THE DAY :)

Like for you, Ubuntu installed flawlessly, quickly, and was able to recover all his files. :) Now he uses Linux Mint as his primary and is finding less and less reason to use XP. :) YAY.


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I use the ubuntu live disk often for repairs to scp the files from an infected windows computer to a backup server prior to reinstalling the files and OS. In fact I am doing it again right now and have another 3 horribly hosed windows comps to fix with the same method.

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