Ubuntu with photoshop cs6

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Hi all

Have anybody used Ubuntu / Wine with the Adobe Photoshop CS6 final version? Does it work properly?
It is my last doubt before delete windows and install ubuntu.
I'm a professional photographer and this is the only windows program I cannot live without.


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There r so many alternatives of PH on Linux OS. The lists r likes, GIMP, Pixia, Seahorse, PhotoPlus, Krita / CinePaint and lastly u r going to use Ubuntu, then u can also try for UbuntuStudio. Though u took oath not to work on other SW else PH, yes, it works fine with WINE / CrossOver. But u have to install MSCoreFonts and also go to apps then WINE & observe in the virtual C: drive by opening up & navigate to c:\windows\system32 where need to place two DLL files like (msvcr80.dll and atmlib.dll) into this folder.

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I doubt very much if CS6 (the latest and "greatest") works with Wine in Linux. CS5 has plenty of problems, and Adobe doesn't seem too interested in making it compatible with Linux systems. My advice? Run Windows in a Linux virtual machine, and then run CS6 there.

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Using a virtual machine sounds easier, I will try it. I cannot get rid of windows... well, one day, maybe.

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If anybody has experience in this, please share it.


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I have a number of Windows programs that I run with Wine on my RHEL 6.2 system, but I also have a couple that will only run in Windows proper, so for those I run them in a Windows XP virtual machine (VirtualBox). It works just great for that. Some of the applications I run that way include my Fidelity stock/option trading software and my Epson document scanner software.

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