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Wireless Help PLEASE! (ubuntu 11.04)

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mfillpot wrote:

but to add a slight correction about slackware, if you are using an intel or atheros based adapter it should be detected by nearly all Linux-based distros

thanks for the information.

but for all Linux-based systems you have to download the broadcom firmware from the internet to get it to work.

can't be add with the distro package itself? Is it Any proprietary kind of stuff?

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Broadcom and few other wifi vendors are very proprietary, they attempt to keep their firmware and/or drivers separate and apply their own licensing that conflicts with most distros.

However Broadcom recently joined the Linux Foundation, so I hope their inclusion will spawn less restrictive policies or complete inclusion in the kernel.

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ok. I was not aware about these kind of informations. Thanks for explaining to us. And its really happy to hear that, all major products vendors are joining Linux Foundation.

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