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Wubi or partition installation

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I like linux:woohoo: ,specially Ubuntu, and I want to install Ubuntu 10.04 but I had organized my Windows so good that I don't know what to do.:unsure:
Can you please tell me what will be better? To install Wubi or shrink Windows partition (with danger of losing files) and install Ubuntu.

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Going with a true partitioned install does give you a performance boost over a wubi installation, but if you are new to Linux or have thinks of true value in your windows partition that you won't want to use then Wubi may be the best bet for you.

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I've done a re-partition and normal install of ubuntu a lot, and back in the day I have messed up one too many hard drives... So DON´T do that kind of install.

Go with Wubi or VirtualBox for your first time(s) installing and using Linux. Then after you get a hang of it, are sure you want to use it, etc, try a normal install.

Just speaking from experience :) ;)

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sorry itbcn8 i must disagree.

that may be your personal experience but what you should have said is "be careful not to skip any instructions or steps, or dire consequences will follow" ;)

partition shrink is the way to go. first, you want to thoroughly defrag and consolidate-free-space before doing so. or..... like what i did... make it the first thing you do when you get your new comp before downloading or installing anything so that the partition is free to shrink at your will.

a normal install is always always the best option, however, it's the hardest option and rightfully so.

let this be your bestest friend:

edit-- arg i just dug up an old post. shame on me :(

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