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Bringing a Native Linux Dreamweaver to attention

Link to this post 08 Mar 11

Now I havn't used this yet i'm currently in the process of downloading it, but i'm finding A LOT of people comparing it to Dreamweaver, which is a good sign. It runs natively on Linux, and is 100% Free. So I thought I'd post it so everyone else can check it out as well. It looks very professional so far.It also has a lot of plugins and other nice stuff. Everyone who tries it please let me know what your opinion of it is here.

Link to this post 08 Mar 11

Thank you for sharing this information, I have been looking for a good web editor and will try it out.

Link to this post 09 Mar 11

no problem, glad to help.

Link to this post 02 Apr 11

It looks very similar to eclipse. Does it have ftp access and all that good stuff?

Link to this post 03 Apr 11

I've also been looking for a decent web editor ... this one looks interesting. Thanks, i'll make a note here once I give it a try.

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