Migrating from server 2000 to Linux

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My windows server 2000 is coming to its end of life and I would like to migrate my forums on it to RHEL5.

I would like to know what I need and how I go about doing it?


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Assuming you have mysql and apache

1- backup everything
2- install linux
3- install mysql and apache httpd (probably php as well)
4- restore backups
5- adapt config from windows to linux (mostly paths and nothing more)

Be done with it!


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This is very lengthy / tedious process. A lot of patience is required to do the job perfectly. Have u any spare system to test the same. It is better to do the entire job in a test pc and after getting success, u can implement the same in a production environment. Everything u have to overcome, suspecting only issue u may face hardware part. If u have AD (sure about that) then take extra care about that. Take all necessary backups not only in a single media / storage disk, take more than one also. Look here for more info:

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I created a backup of my sever and installed the forums on a test site for me to test

I will let you guys know how it went, as I'm still busy testing.

Thanks for the help

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Good luck with the whole process!

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