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upgrade my website without disturbing current load

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The first information you probably need to solve your issue is that eZ Publish 4.4, mandatory intermediate step when upgrading from 4.3 to 4.5 (as shown in the upgrade doc : ), is available here :

Secondly, eZ Publish is available in two flavors :
[li]eZ Publish Community Project, openly available, cutting-edge version, where both the editor and the eZ Publish Community are contributing. The latest version is available here : [/li]
[li]eZ Publish Enterprise Edition, available through a paying subcription. More information here : [/li]
I encourage you to visit, the eZ Publish Community website, where the very active forums will help you get a solution to your problem, pretty quickly.

Cheers !

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Thankx for reply

i didnt understand following steps
1)eZ Components:
Enterprise edition includes a version of eZ Components that is tested and certified
with this version of eZ Publish-

The community edition requires the latest stable release of eZ Components.
To install this, you also need PEAR
See for more information

2)Step 1: Upgrading the distribution files

The easiest way to upgrade the distribution files is to unpack eZ Publish 4.4 to a separate directory and then copy the directories that contain site-specific files from the existing installation. Make sure that you copy the following directories:


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here my new folder is ezpublish-4.4.0-gpl
old folder is UNIVADIS_CMS

can u tell me from where to where i will copy my data in 2) point

Link to this post 18 Apr 11

In which file , i do following modifications :

Step 2: Custom extensions

If you are using custom extensions, the sub-directories inside the "extension" directory will also have to be copied. However, make sure that you do not overwrite any extensions that are included in eZ Publish, which currently are eZ Online Editor (5.x), eZ (2.x) and eZ JSCore (1.x). Note that upgrading the distribution files will overwrite the autoload arrays for extensions. You will need to re-generate the autoload arrays for active extensions later.

See the dedicated upgrade instructions for eZ Flow and Website Interface below.

The updated versions of eZ Flow and Website Interface will also install the following extensions:

eZ Website Toolbar
eZ Star Rating
eZ Google Maps Location

For eZ OE 5.x and eZ JS Core you will need to replace the following rewrite rules when using Virtual Hosts:

RewriteRule ^/var/cache/texttoimage/.* - [L]
RewriteRule ^/var/[^/]+/cache/(texttoimage|public)/.* - [L]


RewriteRule ^/var/([^/]+/)?cache/(texttoimage|public)/.* - [L]

For more detailed instructions, see the dedicated eZ OE and eZ JS Core doc pages.
Note: Both admin2 design and webin (ezwebin extension) requires ezjscore extension to be enabled, look here for how to enabling extensions.

Link to this post 18 Apr 11

i copy .htaccess_root file to .htaccess

i try to access site using following URL

But get following error

Access denied!

* You do not have permission to access <oscar_admin>.
* Please contact the site administrator.

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