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check_sanity_eventhandler Error

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I am new to Yocto Project and I am creating an Image on X86 Host machine for a NitrogenX6 board. I have finished with build and wanted to Flash an SD Card image. I went to my <build directory>/deploy/images but I don't see any file with a ".sdcard" extension. I only have bzImage file. Is bzImage file same as the <image file>.sdcard ?

Secondly, I am trying to make a U-boot and my target machine is Nitrogen6x Sabrelite, I updated my machine name to Nitrogen6x Sabrelite. But i am getting check_sanity_eventhandler Error.

Please help..

Link to this post 14 Nov 13

I do not know if we have any yocto developers in this forum, but you can find the official documentation at , you should also join their mailing lists so that you can ask the active community.

Also, thank you for the timing of your post. It has acted as a reminder for me to try out yocto by building custom images for my raspberry pi and old routers.

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