Cinnarch Successor Antergos Arrives

Replacing Cinnarch, Antergos offers a GNOME-defaulting, but fairly desktop agnostic take on Arch Linux. With an additional graphical installer, Live CD option, and more it's sure to pick up some fans for its approach to desktop Linux.

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  • Billy Said:

    I have looked EVERYWHERE to find out what apps and features are included in Antergos. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can or will offer any information. I'm downloading it now so I'll find out. But a little information from fellow Linux users would have been nice. Maybe the host of this forum can offer something more than "it's replacing Cinnarch". You know, things like setup suggestions and information about what it does out of the box. I'm a Gnome user. Other than a terminal and a Gnome 3 desktop it doesn't seem real Ubuntu like. Oh well, maybe in time.

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