First openSUSE-LXDE Meeting

Andrea Florio, the openSUSE LXDE champion, would like to invite you to participate and join the fun of LXDE in the first openSUSE-LXDE irc meeting.

The first openSUSE LXDE meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th April, at 15:00 UTC. For a local time please see here.

The current list of scheduled topics is:

* Status of the openSUSE-LXDE, plans for future
* Status of LXDE introduction video
* Branding
* status report
* calls for testing
* Q&A, misc

Further items are welcome, so please add them on the wiki here.

The meeting will happen in #opensuse-lxde IRC channel on

Please join in and participate with the newest member of the openSUSE Family :-)



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