AOpen MX3W Pro-V

The AOpen MX3W Pro-V is one of three boards in the MX3W Pro line of inexpensive Socket 370 Pentium III/Celeron micro-ATX boards based on Intel i180/ICH1 chipsets. These boards were sold starting in late 1999 and continued to receive BIOS updates until the middle of 2001. The MX3W Pro-V supports 250 nm Celeron Mendocino (PPGA) CPUs as well as 180 nm Pentium III and Celeron Coppermine (FC-PGA) processors. The BIOS allows for some overclocking as it allows for the FSB to be varied from 66 MHz to 166 MHz in about 20 discrete steps, there are memory strap settings for PC100 and PC133 as well as a limited set of jumper settings to keep the internal AGP and PCI buses around 33/66 MHz. There are also some settings for memory timings such as CAS latency and cycle time. However, CPU and RAM voltages are not adjustable and neither are fan speeds.

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