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Intel Celeron 900 (Coppermine-128) 100 MHz FSB

The Celeron 900 is a Pentium III Coppermine "E" processor with half of the level 2 cache disabled. It is of the second of three generations of Celerons made for socket 370. The first was the 250 nm Mendocinos with 66 MHz FSBs, 128 KB L2, a PPGA package, and no SSE. The Coppermine-128 Celerons are 180 nm chips and have either a 66 MHz or 100 MHz FSB, 128 KB L2, *no* heat spreader, and do have SSE. The last generation of Socket 370 Celerons are the Tualatin-256 ("Tualeron") chips, which are 130 nm, have a heat spreader, a 100 MHz FSB, 256 KB L2 cache, and SSE as well.

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