Being based on Ubuntu, moonOS will basically run as well, if not better, on any decent, current hardware; by using Enlightenment instead of Gnome, your experience with moonOS should actually be much, much more snappy :) - Enjoy freedom at blazing speeds! 700 MHz x86 processor 384 MB of system memory (RAM) 8 GB of disk space Graphics card capable of 1024x768 resolution A network or Internet connection is needed if you want to download extra software
Book Description
moonOS is a complete and fully functional operating system based on the LXDE, Enlightenment DR17 window managers and powered by the popular Ubuntu Linux Distribution. moonOS is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine. moonOS's focus is on Utter Speed, Low Memory and Great Looks! moonOS Main Edition use Enlightenment DR17 as its default window manager. It's fast even in a Virtual Machine, and available both in 32bit & 64bit and include support many media formats, GRUB-GFX, the moonOS toolset and more.
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byLinuxJ, April 15, 2010
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I tried a few different Linux distros before Moon, and this one has everything that I liked about the simplicity of Ubuntu with the ease of use of Enlightenment. Comes complete with OO.o, Firefox, Thunderbird, Python 2.5, and many more goodies. This is definitely worth checking out! Download and burn a live CD to see for yourself.
Ok well, to start I'm new to Linux. I've been messin with them for a couple months, starting to get hang of them. I've tried Fedora 16 and 17. I loved the effects of those OS's but they are not stable at all in anyway. It doesn't take much for them to go haywire on you. Also Fedora is mostly terminal based, even downloading things, and Wine doesn't seem to take with it very well.

Then i tried Ubuntu. I liked it but wasn't my style so I got the other Ubuntu based system and so far you can customize pretty much anything u can think of on this OS and IT IS VERY STABLE. I have tested that and thrown a lot of things its way and still stable and you have your shop for this OS the backgrounds they have and themes and such are mostly pretty frickin cool. It is a very fast OS also and not to mention it is way faster than any windows OS I've ever used and I've used all of them 95-windows 7.

I would suggest this operating system to anyone even seems a great os for pros because u can customize it so much and add on to it. SO IF YOU PICK A LINUX OS I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING THIS ONE and i'm not someone just saying this to get more to use i would tell u if it sucked straight up but it is far from sucking.

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