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The Acer A0A150-1570 comes with Intel Atom processor, running at 1.6GHZ. It has a 8.9" screen. This size is useful for most of the applications.
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bytwoelectric, January 6, 2010
This is a netbook does what you need it to do. It's 1.6 GHz CPU is tough enough to churn through lightweight applications, and it can also handle some of the more heavy applications like multimedia-processing with GIMP or Blender (although the 10 inch screen might limit these applications). Acer Aspire models with names beginning with L and ending with A (plus a letter for color), come with Linpus Linux Lite, a variant of Fedora 8!

My friend was pleased that he could watch movies when he went to a coffeeshop--the framerate is not shabby! This netbook can also run OpenOffice, which means that you can do all your word processing.
Earlier this year I was charged with the task of going through about 10 netbook test models and installing a customized version of Slackware that I had built on them. The purpose of this testing was to find the most resilient and Linux friendly netbook currently on the market to then order about 200~ of.
The Aspire one was my personal favourite and the clear winner.
The kernel wireless drivers just work with Slackware, the screen was awesome and vibrant, and I liked the looks from the outside. Unlike other models I reviewed such as the most recent lenovo (the name escapes me) the battery on this felt well sat and stable, not like it was going to fall out on a moments notice and ruin any work you might be doing.
Overall, for a netbook I really had no complaints with the Aspire, unlike almost all of my other netbook reviews which were largely negative, this little guy really impressed me.

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