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Motorola A1200 MING

Earliest Compatible Linux Kernel
* Application processor: Intel PXA270 clocked to 310 Mhz * Baseband processor: Neptune LTE * 46 Mb ram * 240x320 18 bit LCD * Touchscreen * 64 Mb NAND * microSD (SDHC with patch) slot under battery * bluetooth * flip * 2.5 mm headset plug * EMU (mini usb) plug for charger, usb, another headset and serial console * Debug port for another serial console and jtag (not on european version) Original software * montavista CEE (legacy) * very-very old motorola hacked kernel (based on montavista 2.4.20) witch lot of hacks, backports and enabled debug * qt2 embedded * easy uploading and running kernel via usb * easy flashing any handmade firmware from linux Comminity-delepoed software: * OpenEZX bleeding edge kernel * Angstrom distribution * FSO, Android and Qtopia4
Book Description
Old and slow hacker toy. Nice look and ugly software

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