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Asterisk® is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions...for free. Asterisk® is released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and it is available for download free of charge. Asterisk® is the most popular open source software available, with the Asterisk Community being the top influencer in VoIP. Asterisk® was created by Mark Spencer of Digium, Inc in 1999. Code has been contributed from open source coders around the world, and testing and bug-patches from the community have provided invaluable aid to the development of this software.
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byben, June 3, 2010
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What a software, I've started with it when I was dealing with common analogic modems, in that period I've had some sort of application dealing with users in order to control house and few appliances. Now I'm using it heavily to collect voicemail, data and to integrate it with PBX and routers. Never tried Digium cards but the software itself is really complete, it takes some time to configure everything properly but when you've done you've an absolute stable and scalable system. I'm now evolving to HA cluster availability.

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