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Works With Distributions
  • Android
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Mandriva
  • Moblin
  • openSUSE
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Xandros
eggPlant is a GUI driven test tool developed by TestPlant.eggPlant is an intelligent robotic test tool capable of seeing the display on the systems under test. Our image recognition algorithm can be trained to spot any variances in expected outcomes – bugs! eggPlant can be tuned to detect colors - even tones of color; it can operate in dynamic environments using Silverlight, Flex and Flash; it can be tuned to tolerate customized screens and, each time an inconsistency is spotted, a fault report with a screen shot of the actual point of failure is saved for easy reference by developers. As a test engineer trains eggPlant through a test procedure (or a manual test) a simple command “script” is compiled. This integrated command language in eggPlant is “SenseTalk” and it has proved to be extremely easy-to-use as it was designed for non-development users not necessarily trained in computer languages. Another unique feature of eggPlant is the two computer approach. eggPlant is loaded on the test controller and using virtual networking communication (VNC) a link is established with the system under test (the SUT). By such method, a single eggPlant license and user can test many systems in any hardware of operating environment across a test lab or across a global network. In computing terms, eggPlant is technology agnostic (cross browser and cross-platform), non-invasive [it doesn't "mess" with systems under test] and can link with any device with an IP address. All of these features defined in the patent filed in 2003 and granted by the US patent and Trademarks Office in January 2011.
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