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Taverna features: The Taverna suite of tools are bringing together a range of features to make it easier for users to find, design and execute complex workflows and share them with other people. Freely available: Java, open source, LPGL licensed ** Suite of tools to design, edit and execute workflows: * Workflow design and execution in Taverna Workbench * Command line execution of workflows * Remote execution of workflows on a Taverna server * Invoke workflows from the Internet ** Wide range of services and extensible architecture: * Service discovery * Various service types available: WSDL-style Web services, BioMart, BioMoby, SoapLab, R, Beanshell, Excel and csv spreadsheets * Service creation for external tools or Java libraries * Extensible service plug-in architecture for adding new service types ** Secure: * Support for secure services * Secure management of users’ credentials ** Versatile Workbench: * Tabs for finding, designing and executing workflows: * Fully graphical workflow design * Drag and drop workflow components * Comprehensive undo/redo * Built-in help facility * Annotations for describing workflows, services, inputs, outputs Workflow validation and debugging ** Create your own or start from existing workflows: * Easy design of new workflows * Load existing workflows (from a disk, myExperiment or a URL) * View workflow layout and logic * Modify existing workflows * Load workflows in off-line mode (when disconnected from the Internet) * Nested workflows (sub workflows) * Workflow validation during design time for debugging while composing a workflow * Built-in detection when a service’s interface changes or a service go off-line during design time ** Find workflows created by others and share yours: * Full myExperiment search options for browsing workflows * Publish workflows on myExperiment for use by others ** Execute and debug your workflows: * Execute workflows * Remember previously used workflow inputs * Save workflow input values used to a file * Load workflow input values from a file * Pipelining and streaming of data * Implicit iteration of service calls * Conditional and repeated calling of services * Customizable looping over a service * Failover and retry of service calling * Parallel execution and configurable number of concurrent threads * Improved error handling and reporting for debugging during run time * Monitor workflow execution * Pause/resume or cancel workflow execution * Manage previous runs and workflow results * View intermediate results and debug workflows at run time * Filter and save intermediate and final workflow results ** Track workflow runs and results: * Record workflow execution provenance * Review provenance of previous workflow runs ** Support: * End user technical support and e-mail help desk * Tutorials and workshops

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