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Works With Distributions
  • Android
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • openSUSE
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Ubuntu
Earliest Compatible Linux Kernel
VIPole is a Secure Instant Messenger powered by strong encryption technologies (AES-256, RSA-3072) that perfectly guard sensitive communications and files from prying eyes and surveillance efforts. VIPole strongly encrypts instant messages, group chats, voice calls, video calls, sent and recieved files so that no third-party is able to listen to conversations or tap into a message or file.
Tips to Use
VIPole is a cross platform application, you can use for free both Desktop versions for Linux, Windows, Mac OS and Mobile for Android to get more advanced VIPole features as encrypted password manager, task manager, calendar, notes, file manager, special security modes and much more. You can use one VIPole account across all your devices. VIPole servers are hosted in enterprise-class data centres in Netherlands.
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