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byDarkRage4, June 6, 2010
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I decided to give Kubuntu a try so I download Kubuntu thru the Ubuntu Software Center. I ran it and it runs just like Ubuntu with the exact same programs, files, and settings, the only difference is the feel and look is more windows and graphics-based. The gadgets and desktop looks amazingly nice and the default effects that come with it is awesome. And if you install Kubuntu on Ubuntu like I did, you can login to gnome (Ubuntu) or KDE (Kubuntu) at any time u want with the same programs u dl'd and installed, the same files u saved, and the same settings (for the core).
byDarkRage4, June 6, 2010
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openSUSE has a nice GUI and is quite easy to use. It is the second most popular distro behind Ubuntu, and the main reason I wanted to try it, is because I wanted to get a popular distro away from the debian/ubuntu main frame. For example Ubuntu is made off of Debian, then Linux Mint and Zorin OS, are made off of Ubuntu. There all the same main frame with little differences. So I decided to try openSUSE, and it is nice, the speed is alright, design is nice. Software manager could be a little better and settings could be put out a little nicer, but it's still a great distro. I give 8.5/10
byDarkRage4, May 29, 2010
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Ubuntu is an amazing linux distro. Its fully complete with everything you need, has one of the largest if not the largest community of users, so if you need help you have no doubt in getting it fast and I find it has a nice layout in 10.04 and the Me Menu putting all your social things in one place is awesome. Its a fast OS in general but the boot and shutdown speed is amazing. A lot of people say they got tired or had to many problems and went onto other distros, but truthful if its that bad, then why is there so many other distros based off of Ubuntu itself? Ubuntu is good for beginners and experts. I would recommend this to anyone starting out or even to people who have been on linux forever. Def my fav linux distro which I give 10/10

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