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byJIQY235, June 5, 2012
In its day Slackware was "it" and many of us used it. However, today with so much software available it can be a full time job keeping current without an effective package management mechanism such as what are used in most all modern distributions. That said, by today's standards I am sorry to say I feel Slackware is now Fair at best.
byJIQY235, June 5, 2012
For the new users Ubuntu 12.04 might be good, especially those coming from windows. However, for those that have used Linux or Unix for years might not care for the new interface finding it award to use. For me I felt I was having to work around the interface rather than using it. The install went without any problems and as with Linux in general stability was not an issue at all.
byJIQY235, May 30, 2012
The link no longer works and the date on the latest ISO I was able to find on the Net was in 2008 (now 2012). The latest version I found was 14 which crashed verifying the ISO disk. It this company comes back I look forward to reviewing a more recent and supported build.
byJIQY235, May 30, 2012
This is not a distributions of Linux for the average new user, but more for the power user. While the installation is more complex than most other Linux distributions the user gets bleeding edge software and a potential faster OS in return. Gentoo is supported on a large range of hardware x86 32/64 bit, PPC, MIPS, and SPARC to name a few.
byJIQY235, May 29, 2012
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I feel this is one of the best distributions of Linux. I Installed openSUSE 12.1 64 bit without any problems, performance was good, and patches were applied without problem.
byJIQY235, May 29, 2012
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If an application or OS cannot be installed without too much trouble than usability is reduced or nonexistent. When installing Fedora 16 64 bit I went with a customized layout because I had preexisting file-systems. The first attempt installed, but the system would not mount all the file-systems because lvm and encrypted file-systems were used and Fedora did not install all the needed software to mount them. The second attempt I decided to try customized layout and customized software selection to install the software I wanted. The hope was to install the software Fedora needed, but was not installing. Sadly the software selection is broken down into groups without a package search option nor does it have any provision to resolve dependencies. After software is selected the installer application will check dependencies and if unresolved dependencies are found will report what it needs as binaries and not packages. If you are not able to identify the packages containing specifically what is missing you are dead in the water. Fedora has been around a long time and can do much better!
byJIQY235, May 18, 2011
I have been involved with Linux since the project was in beta and worked with Red Hat since the beginning. The last few years I have noticed the quality of the Red Hat distribution continue get worse and the technical support as well. Some examples are numerous errors being reported in ABRT by KDE and the Linux kernel and RH's ABRT failing to connect to their server to report such bugs.

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