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Free software father declared Ubuntu Linux to contain spyware

RMSRichard M. Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, has proclaimed that Ubuntu Linux includes spyware. Ubuntu supporters disagree with this take.

Richard M. Stallman, aka RMS, creator of the Gnu General Public License (GPL) and the Free Software Foundation has announced that as far as he's concerned, Ubuntu contains spyware and that Linux supporters should shun Ubuntu for spying.

Specifically, RMS hates that Ubuntu 12.10 incorporated Amazon search into its default search function. So, if you searched for say "Hobbit." you'd get results from both your PC and Amazon. When it was introduced, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, defended this change by saying Ubuntu wasn't going to incorporate ads into the operating system, which Microsoft has done with Windows 8, and that no personalized data would be sent to Amazon...Read more at ZDNet



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  • David Said:

    It does fit the definition of spyware...more like dynamic adware, but it uses user input, processes it and returns the amazon result....however, you don't know what happens to that data after...they say they don't identify who sent what....uuhmmm for communication like that to happen you gotta have my IP and port number at least when you receive communication from my system! It could be used for statistics, and could throw up some red flags when you have some scary names for some files....and I'm sure it's sent over the internet in a plain text format(I don't know, just a guess since the data searches amazon, or is input to a function that does), making it childs play for ISP's to filter data moving through it for keywords....and before you know it, you get your door kicked down for the combat video game you were working on...and gives them the right to search your computer, and they'll use any reason to convict you of something, even downloaded music....local search should not include a network search along with it, those should remain separate and the code where they could be used together should not even exist, those should remain separate to prevent a exploitation.

  • Vanmind Said:

    Shuttleworth is desperate to get Ubuntu onto smartphones (tablets too but mostly smartphones), thus he is willing to play ball with those who use the Delphi Technique to trick people among the "free software community" into confusing insults with compliments, repression with liberty. The agenda was set long ago: perpetual tracking of your location, your purchases, your searches, your productivity and your leisure. Canonical is simply falling into line with hopes that the established Delphi-Technique-ing carriers and OEMs (i.e. companes already owned by the NWO) won't simply ignore Ubuntu.

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