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Ubuntu Planning on Shipping Mir in 13.10

ubuntu_logoIn Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, the giant, insane, cyborg bear named Shardik is known by the forest dwelling people around his territory as Mir, the world beneath the world. Ubuntu’s naming of Mir probably leans more towards the African heritage deriving the name from “Mayor”, or “Leader”, but personally I like the insane bear analogy better. has a story linked to reporting that Ubuntu plans to ship their controversial replacement for X11 in the next version of Ubuntu, 13.10, by default, along with XMir, an X11 compatibility layer running on top of Mir.

Ubuntu announced Mir in March of this year, and assuming no delays on 13.10, that will mean a mere seven months of development from announcement to the users desktop. Shipping a complete replacement for X11 in such a short time frame is ambitious, to say the least. Ubuntu appears to be hoping to use this release as a major beta testing ground:


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  • Alexey Morozov Said:

    JFYI. 'Mir' is the name of the Soviet/Russian Space Station (1986-2001). Mir was the predecessor of the International Space Station which was visited by Mark Shuttleworth in 2002, a year after Mir was downed into the Pacific Ocean due to its end of life. I guess when Mark started his space training program the goal of his journey was 'Mir'. The word 'Mir' means 'World' and 'Peace' in Russian.

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