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Sony Backs AllSeen Alliance in Internet of Stuff Standards Slap-Fight

The Register | Tuesday September 2, 2014 09:49:09 PM | Embedded / Mobile
Sony has cast its lot with the AllSeen Alliance in the ongoing standards squabble over the pervasive-computing future tech known as the Internet of Things (IoT).…... Read more...

The GNOME Foundation's 2013 Annual Report

LWN | Tuesday September 2, 2014 07:11:28 PM | Software
The GNOME Foundation has put out its annual report for 2013 as a 24-page PDF file.  Read more...

Rebooting on Mars

ZDNet | Tuesday September 2, 2014 05:30:05 PM | Enterprise Computing
NASA will be reformatting the flash memory on its Mars rover Opportunity. Read more...

The Companies That Support Linux: SanDisk Advances Storage Industry

Libby Clark | Tuesday September 2, 2014 04:59:40 PM | Featured Blogs | Exclusive
The Companies That Support Linux: SanDisk Advances Storage Industry A growing dependency on digital data has spurred new interest in flash storage technologies along with cloud-based services and storage. With the broadest portfolio of flash-memory based solutions in the industry, SanDisk is on the leading edge of this transformation, with Linux and open source at the heart of its innovation. Read more...

Revisiting How We Put Together Linux Systems

Administrator | Tuesday September 2, 2014 04:43:49 PM | Software
Lennart Poettering: In a previous blog story I discussed  Factory Reset, Stateless Systems, Reproducible Systems & Verifiable Systems , I now want to take the opportunity to explain a bit where we want to take this with  systemd  in the longer run, and what we want to build out of it. Read more...

Ten Linux Desktops Showing Just How Far Behind Mac OS X and Windows Designs Are

Softpedia | Tuesday September 2, 2014 04:40:50 PM | Software
There are still many users of other operating systems who think that Linux is behind Mac OS X and Windows in terms of desktop design, but the reality is just the other way around. Read more...

Linux Kernel Developer Dmitry Monakhov Arrested for Protesting Ukraine War

Muktware | Tuesday September 2, 2014 04:36:18 PM | Software
Linux kernel developer Dmitry Monakhov was detained for 15 days for disobeying a police officer on Saturday. The debacle came about when Monakhov decided to protest the recent invasion into Ukraine by Russian armed forces. Read more...

Trying Intel OpenCL On Linux For Video Encoding

Phoronix | Tuesday September 2, 2014 04:16:51 PM | Software
Following my testing and reporting last weekend about Intel Beignet starting to provide very usable open-source OpenCL support on Linux, one of the most common requests was to next see if this Intel OpenCL Linux supprot benefits x264 encoding at all... Read more...

You Have Your Windows in My Linux

InfoWorld | Tuesday September 2, 2014 04:05:09 PM | Software
Although there are those who think  the systemd debate  has been decided in favor of systemd, the  exceedingly loud protests  on message boards, forums, and the posts I wrote over the past two weeks would indicate otherwise. Read more...

Low-Spec Hardware? Try these Desktop Environments

Administrator | Tuesday September 2, 2014 04:00:00 PM | Software
 LinuxLinks: I have selected my pick of desktop environments that are excellent candidates for older hardware. Read more...


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