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My First Unikernel

Administrator | Tuesday July 29, 2014 04:15:03 PM | Software
Thomas Leonard's Blog: I wanted to make a simple REST service for queuing file uploads, deployable as a virtual machine. The traditional way to do this is to download a Linux cloud image, install the software inside it, and deploy that. Instead I decided to try a unikernel. Read more...

Qt 5.4 Going Into Feature Freeze Next Week With Exciting Changes

Phoronix | Tuesday July 29, 2014 03:56:35 PM | Software
The Qt 5.4 feature freeze is set to go into effect on 8 August with already there being a large number of changes for this next major Qt5 tool-kit release... Read more...

Out in the Open: Sandstorm Makes It Easy to Control Your Apps in the Cloud

Wired | Tuesday July 29, 2014 03:41:51 PM | Enterprise Computing
Web apps are convenient, but you don’t have any control over them. You never know if your favorite tool will evaporate when the company goes out of business or, as was the case of Google Reader, simply discontinued. Read more...

Introducing the OpenDaylight Ambassador Program

OpenDaylight | Tuesday July 29, 2014 03:29:21 PM | Enterprise Computing | Exclusive
Introducing the OpenDaylight Ambassador Program The growth of the OpenDaylight community has been astounding in the 15 months since launch. Interest in the project is growing so quickly that we’ve put together an ambassador program to help sustain and grow the worldwide community.  Read more...

Reglue: Opening Up the World to Deserving Kids, One Linux Computer at a Time

LinuxJournal | Tuesday July 29, 2014 03:11:57 PM | Hardware
Reglue: Opening Up the World to Deserving Kids, One Linux Computer at a Time They say you never forget your first computer. For some of us, it was a Commodore 64 or an Apple IIe. For others, it was a Pentium 233 running Windows 95. Regardless of the hardware, the fond memories of wonder and excitement are universal. For me, I'll never forget the... Read more...

Microsoft Debuts Sharks Cove, a Costly Raspberry Pi Alternative

ZDNet | Tuesday July 29, 2014 03:04:05 PM | Embedded / Mobile
First teased during its April Build conference, the Raspberry Pi-ish device is the result of combined efforts between Microsoft, Intel and product manufacturer CircuitCo. Read more...

Bright Computing Draws $14.5 Million to Expand Focus on Linux Clusters

OStatic | Tuesday July 29, 2014 02:45:21 PM | Software
Bright Computing Draws $14.5 Million to Expand Focus on Linux Clusters Bright Computing, a startup that works with companies that manage Linux clusters and is closely involved with Hadoop for mining Big Data, has picked up $14.5 million in Series B funding. Read more...

Android Crypto Blunder Exposes Users to Highly Privileged Malware

ArsTechnica | Tuesday July 29, 2014 01:37:04 PM | Embedded / Mobile
The majority of devices running Google's Android operating system are susceptible to hacks that allow malicious apps to bypass a key security sandbox so they can steal user credentials, read e-mail, and access payment histories and other sensitive data, researchers have warned. Read more...

OpenSUSE Factory Turns Into Rolling Release Distribution

Phoronix | Tuesday July 29, 2014 01:35:09 PM | Software
OpenSUSE "Factory" up to now has referred to the development version of the openSUSE Linux distribution while being announced by SUSE today is that it's also going to serve as an independent distribution under a rolling-release development model... Read more...

Health Care, Finance Sectors Lead IT Spending Growth

eWeek | Tuesday July 29, 2014 01:00:00 PM | Enterprise Computing
Hospitals also appear to be hiring IT staff at a rate faster than most other sectors, with headcount rising 3.9 percent at the median. Read more...


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