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There is high demand for professionals with Linux-related skills; IT analyst firm Foote Brothers has reported a 50 percent increase in this demand in just the last year. When a market grows this quickly, the need for well trained developers and adminstrators rises just as precipitously. The Linux Foundation is meeting this demand with a comprehensive curriculum of Linux training courses that will produce developers with unmatched technical skils. Our Linux training program is technical, comprehensive and comes straight from the developers themselves. You can read more here.

The Linux Career Guide

Linux developers and administrators are in hot demand in the job market.  In this special series, Brent Marinaccio of lends his unique insights into the Linux and open source career world, and reveals the benefits working with open source can have for your résumé.

The Linux Job Board

Now that you have completed your training and learned how to optimize your career, check out the new Linux jobs board where you can find the latest, most targeted Linux job listings.

The Kernel Newbie Corner: Everything You Wanted to Know About Module Parameters

This week, we're going to discuss the ins and outs of adding parameters to your loadable modules and, as we did last week, we're going to work off the appropriate section in the book Linux Device Drivers (3rd ed.)

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The Kernel Newbie Corner: Loadable Kernel Modules, Coming and Going

This week, we're going to take an excruciatingly close look at one of the fundamental features of loadable kernel modules--the "init" and "exit" routines--those functions that are invoked upon module loading and unloading, respectively.

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The Kernel Newbie Corner: Your First Loadable Kernel Module, Part Deux

Moving on from where we left off last time, this article isn't so much the next in the series as much as it's just tidying up some random loose ends. And so, to business.

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The Kernel Newbie Corner: Your First Loadable Kernel Module

This is the first in a series of articles aimed at the beginning kernel programmer, designed to lead the kernel newbie through the basics of writing and compiling their first kernel module, and getting increasingly sophisticated from there.

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Linux Certifications: Hot or Not?

With Linux having gained traction in business, certifications of Linux expertise are becoming more popular, similar to how Novell or Microsoft systems certifications became important for those platforms. But some in the Linux community say the emergence of certifications is by no means a golden ticket for admins, and perhaps just a waste of time and money.
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