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There is high demand for professionals with Linux-related skills. When a market grows this quickly, the need for well trained developers and adminstrators rises just as precipitously. The Linux Foundation is meeting this demand with a comprehensive curriculum of Linux training courses that will produce developers with unmatched technical skils. Our Linux training program is technical, comprehensive and comes straight from the developers themselves. You can read more here.

Linux Certification

Certifications give you the a way to differentiate yourself in the job market and make more money. Whether you're looking for your first job or just looking to upgrade your current position, getting a certification will help you demonstrate your value.The Linux Foundation Certification program has taken a new, innovative approach to Linux certification that allows you to showcase your skills in a way that other sysadmins will respect and employers will trust.

The Linux Career Guide

Linux developers and administrators are in hot demand in the job market. In this special series, Brent Marinaccio of lends his unique insights into the Linux and open source career world, and reveals the benefits working with open source can have for your résumé.

The Linux Job Board

Now that you have completed your training and learned how to optimize your career, check out the new Linux jobs board where you can find the latest, most targeted Linux job listings.

The Tech Skills You'll Pay More for in 2010

Elance takes a look at the most in-demand IT skills heading into 2010.
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Major Gains for Red Hat Demands Increased Commitment from Partners

In an effort to keep up with the demand for Red Hat software and services, Red Hat’s Advanced Partner in the UK, LinuxIT, has more than tripled its Red Hat Certifications in 2009.

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Looking Forward: The State of the Open Source Job Market

It's been a rough year for employment all over the world. No matter how the Great Recession started, there are signs that the frozen job market may be thawing, and open source job opportunities may be appearing first.
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The Kernel Newbie Corner: "initrd" and "initramfs"--Some Unfinished Business

Since a few people seemed interested, I'm going to expand on last week's column on initramfs and initrd and summarize what we know so far, tie off a few loose ends and throw in a little more information at no extra charge.

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Got Training? Go Virtual.

An inexpensive classroom is as close as your local hypervisor.
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