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There is high demand for professionals with Linux-related skills; IT analyst firm Foote Brothers has reported a 50 percent increase in this demand in just the last year. When a market grows this quickly, the need for well trained developers and adminstrators rises just as precipitously. The Linux Foundation is meeting this demand with a comprehensive curriculum of Linux training courses that will produce developers with unmatched technical skils. Our Linux training program is technical, comprehensive and comes straight from the developers themselves. You can read more here.

The Linux Career Guide

Linux developers and administrators are in hot demand in the job market.  In this special series, Brent Marinaccio of lends his unique insights into the Linux and open source career world, and reveals the benefits working with open source can have for your résumé.

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Now that you have completed your training and learned how to optimize your career, check out the new Linux jobs board where you can find the latest, most targeted Linux job listings.

The Kernel Newbie Corner: "initrd" and "initramfs"--What's Up With That?

This week, I'm not going to write a formal column so much as just free associate a bit regarding an exchange we had recently on the Kernel Newbies mailing list regarding the ideas of initrd and initramfs, and what they're for and, most importantly, how they differ.
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The Kernel Newbie Corner: Kernel Debugging with proc "Sequence" Files--Part 3

Finally, after two installments of the basics of debugging with sequence files, we're going to finish off by demonstrating the power of sequence files with an example that actually, well, sequences its output.

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The Kernel Newbie Corner: Kernel Debugging with proc "Sequence" Files--Part 2

Given the amount of material left to cover, we'll spend this week finishing off the issues related to the simpler, non-sequence proc files, and leave the complicated topic of sequenced writes for a final Part 3 next week, so this will be a relatively short column.

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The Kernel Newbie Corner: Kernel Debugging Using proc "Sequence" Files--Part 1

Over this column and the next one (and possibly the one after that, depending on how detailed we get), we're going to discuss kernel and module debugging using proc files. Specifically, we're going to discuss the seq_file implementation of proc files, which represents the newest and most powerful variation of the proc files we're interested in.

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The Kernel Newbie Corner: Kernel and Module Debugging with gdb

This week, we're going to demonstrate how to do some very basic debugging of both your running kernel and a loaded module using the gdb debugger running in user space.

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