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  • See, almost all modern Linux OS r stable. They have same capabilities to do as a user expects from..... as per ur Q, I think u asked for desktop version. It is best to look here and choose any one as per ur fit:

    Answered by rechil_colin
    3 years ago
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  • Stability vs. Cutting Edge

    Different distros have different release and update cycles. Some, like Fedora, focus on having the most up to date versions of all your apps and packages, so you always have the latest and greatest. However, this can sometimes come at the expense of stability, which is why other distros—like Debian—prefer to delay certain updates to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you always have to have the latest version of Firefox or any other app, something like Debian probably isn't right for you—you'd want to choose something like Fedora which will be a bit quicker to get those updates out to you.

    Answered by cepexa
    3 years ago
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  • I agree with Rechil Colin, but probably one of the most stable available would be Debian.

    Answered by cgilson
    3 years ago
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  • For Desktop Linux, I agree with Rechil. For server use I like Redhat-based distributions, e.g. CentOS for free, or Oracle Enterprise Linux for Oracle database/applications. I like the long-term support and the rock-solid (not "bleeding-edge") packages. I admin some 30-40 servers with minimal time -- mostly I can "set it and forget it". No crashes -- uptimes are in the months or years (though kernel updates require a reboot).

    Answered by Tom Maki
    3 years ago
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  • The most stable version of Linux overall, is actually Slackware, but you'd better know about command line if you want the get the most out of it. Debian is also very stable, but has many more available apps than Slackware does, or ever will. There is a saying: If you know Red Hat, then you know Red Hat. If you know Slackware, then you know Linux. Slackware has always been around before the rest, and so it is the most stable. My personal favorite is Debian, it is almost just as stable, and has many more features.

    Answered by wmannis
    2 years ago
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